Welcome! I’m Scott Younger, an emerging playwright, scriptwriter, sketch writer and copywriter from Cambridgeshire in the UK.

Feel free to explore my site to learn more about me and my writing.

Check out my blog for writing hints and tips that I wish I knew when starting out as a playwright.

Upcoming blog topics will include:

  • How to set your short play up for scratch night success
  • Injecting comedy into your writing
  • And much more!

Many thanks to:

Kenny Mathieston, Blackshaw Theatre, Aktualise Theatre company, Sam Elwin, Alex Cooper photography, Stitchin Fiction, Bottled Spider Productions, Founding Fall, Rapid Reel, Encompass Productions, Collaboration in Isolation, Steve Gregson, London Playwrights and the British Friendly Society for kindly providing the photos and media shown on this site.