Creative services

Here’s a few ways I can help emerging actors and writers…

Script feedback

I know just how helpful constructive feedback can be to help you develop your work and fulfill its potential.

As a former script reader for the Space Theatre and a short play scratch night veteran, I’d be happy to help improve your work in any way I can.

Get in touch with me by emailing and attaching your play. I’ll read and offer feedback on all short plays I receive (10 pages maximum) for free. All longer plays than this I will offer feedback for a small fee.

Here’s some feedback on my script reading service:

“Scott’s feedback on my script was clear, concise and just what I needed. It offered me strengths, areas to work on and even an idea of where to go next. He’s also super friendly and made the scary bit of sharing your work feel much more comfortable.”

Sophie Huggins – Playwright

“Scott’s feedback on my ten-minute play was perceptive and helpful. I would have no hesitation about sending him a longer piece.”

Ann Snead – Playwright

Scott has generously provided me with some really useful and constructive feedback. It has helped me so much today to approach my first draft with a clearer idea of where I need to go in terms of story structure and character’s journeys. I will definitely be back to Scott once I’ve completed the play for another full-length report.

Liz Wilson – Playwright

As someone who has just started playwriting late in life, I am nervous about receiving feedback on my work, and find criticism extremely dispiriting. I needn’t have worried. Scott’s script report felt like a vitamin shot. The carefully considered feedback was broken down into strengths, areas to work on and overall feedback. I found this very helpful, constructive and encouraging. The specific suggestions for tweaks were especially useful. I can definitely work with them. I feel happy and more resourced to write now. Thanks Scott!

Sophie Dent – Playwright

Scott’s feedback was encouraging and constructive. It also went into a level of detail that will be useful during editing, and considered how the piece would look in a physical space. The latter point is something I found very helpful. Will happily recommend to my writer friends. Thanks Scott!

Sally Rosser-Davies – Playwright

Personalised monologue service

Need a monologue for an audition? Can’t find anything quite right?

Through my personalised monologue service I’ll create a bespoke monologue tailored to you, helping you showcase yourself and get that role for a reasonable fee.

Email me at for more information.